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Product ID: UPS-D series

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Product Name: Line Interactive UPS with Bluetooth Technology

Special features:
1. Built-in individual charger, when city power is normal charger will recharge battery automatically even UPS was shut down.
2. Frequency synchronizes with city power, give a much better performance than other line interactive UPS.

1. LCD display
2. High speed CPU control (Motorola 44 pins)
3. Large loading capacity and compatibility
4. Intelligent UPS management software (RS-232 and Bluetooth adaptor optional)
5. Wide input voltage range with AVR function
6. Overload and output short circuit protection
7, Over charge & over discharge protection
8. Smart Audible & 3 colors LED alarms
9. Fax / modem / telephone protection port (optional)
10. Built-in power purifying circuit minimizes distortion caused by lighting, pulse and miscellaneous waves, etc
11. Individual charger
12. Cold-start function

Primary technical parameters:
1) Rated voltage: AC 110V/120V/220V /230V/240V version optional)
2) Rated frequency: 50 / 60Hz
3) Input range: AC 165 - 275V
4) Transfer time: ≤8ms
5) Back-up time: over 15 minutes (Half load)
6) Charge time: ≤8 hours
7) Charge time: ≤8 hours
8) Operating temperature: -5 ~ 40oC
9) Operating humidity: 10 - 90% relative humidity, non-condensing
10) Audio noise: < 40dBA
11) Lighting protection: IEEE-587A

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