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Automatic Voltage Regulator with Dual Voltmeters Display and High Efficiency Transformer
Computer, test equipment, lighting equipment, medical equipment, duplicators, stereo sound equipment, automatic process control equipment, TV set, office appliances and more
Special features:
Relay type automatic voltage regulator
C.R.G.O. transformer, high efficiency
Wide input voltage range
Zero-cross switching
Full protection design
Delay function integrated
Primary specifications:
Display: dual voltmeters for input and output voltage
Input voltage range: 90 to 140V AC and 140 to 260V AC
Input frequency: 50 to 60Hz
Output voltage: 100, 110, 120, 220, 230, and 240V AC
Output accuracy: ±8%
Efficiency: 98%
High voltage and low voltage
High temperature and shirt circuit
Delay time: 5sec per 3min

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