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ST-2255 is a multi-functional, high performance Access control system, it is not only include the features of the old access control, but also have more additional functions which are different from the old traditional access control. For instance: the traditional access control can only set weeks as the arrange period rule, our new access control can set any day, any week or any month as the arrange period rule. It is particularly for specific industries and production-oriented enterprises in the actual demand. The independent intellectual property right is the core technology advantages of the Access System. Basis on the innovation, combines all product's strengths, ST-2255 is the introduction of high value-added, high-quality products. It has become the best choice of customer and partners.
  • ※Hunman period Rule:
    • 1.By Week: set the time period to open the door respectively from Monday to Sunday
  • 2.By day: set the day going into effect and cycle in user-defined period automatically
  • 3.By month: like the above, set the day in effect and cycle in one or several months automatically
  • 4.Divide the day into four period, every period should include the special day,like the festival
  • 5.Resolve the shift problem
    • ※Door control periodically
      • 1.Split the day into 8 period, each could set one's own control mode
    • 2.Each door's control takes into account the special day
    • 3.Optional Control mode: Swipe card open the door, Card with code open the door, First card open the door, First card with code open the door, Constantly open, Constantly close, Above control modes switch automatically according to the time period.
      • ■ Multiple control mode:
        • Selectable control mode: Doors interlock Anti-return Anti-trailing Open with multi-card Set the super cards and code Set the doors intimidatory code Set the people number to enter the door Each door can set 3 cards, each card can set: constantly open, constantly shut, restore to auto-control. When swipe the manager card, the door will enter into the corresponding control mode. Access passage pass in and out control function can be set.
      • ■ Applicable Occasion:
        • ■ Applicable Occasion:
      • ※ Company,school,hospital,rummery,marketplace,office,uptown,warehouse,passage control etc.
      • ※ Widely spread and large quantity network system,like Telecom base station, transformer substation, linkage organization etc.
      • ※ High safety request place, such as financial organization, museum, scientific research, prison etc.
      • ※ By virtue of the characteristics of secluded, timeliness, safety, secrecy etc, the system is applied widely in many field.
  • Special Recommend:
    • ◆ Real network version Access control system, whole system only need one database, the manage-side no need the database.
  • ◆ Arrange time by week, by day and by month, resolve the shift problem.

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