Fuel Injector Tester & Cleaner (SF-V6)

Product ID: SF-V6

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Test leaking, blocking, atomization, spray pattern, uniformity, flow, and solenoid working state of opening / closing injectors;
Fully automatic / programmable operation and test 6 injectors at one time;
Simulate Engine working state by regulating pulse, RPM, fuel pressure;
Check the quality of different injectors through testing pintle valve minimum on-off-cycle;
Automatic diagnose and regulate the currency and voltage for high or low resistance, current and voltaic injectors;
Accept all injectors, such as standard Hose/Hose/Tail/K/TBI/customized type.
Ultrasonic cleaner works independently.

Rpm: 0-9975r / min step: 25r / min
Pulse width: 0-30ms step: 0.10ms
Count: 0-9975r / min step: 25r / min
Time: 0-9999s
The ultrasonic cleaning power: 32KHZ 100W
System pressure: 0.2-6kg / cm2 variable regulation
Power supply: 85-132Vac / 170-264Vac 47-63HZ, 300W
Working temperature: -10-60
  • Features
    • Soft touch buttons
  • Extremely flexible wheels
  • Comfortable fluorescent back lamps for observing glass tubes
  • Detergent automatic recycle system.
  • High/low level indicator for detergent filling

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