Heavy Duty Compression Test Kit (SF6106)

Product ID: SF6106

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Designed for complete compression testing on gasoline engines, including domestic/imports, vehicle, motorcycles, marine, and small engines.
  • Feature
    • 1. Corrosion resistant nickel plated finish.
  • 2. Adapters work on both flat and tapered seat plugs.
  • 3. Professional quality gauge with zero adjust feature.
  • 4. The gauge feature a rugged protective outer boot.
  • 5.2-1/2" Dual scale gauge reads 0-300 psi and 0-2100 kpa.
  • 6. Includes(10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 14mm long reach, 18mm and 18mm long reach) adapters.
  • 7. Long(200mm) universal rubber adapter fits all spark plug holes.
  • 8. Pressure release valve for quick re-checks.
  • 9. Detailed Chinese/English instruction manual.
  • 10. Blow molded hard case.
  • 11. Repair parts kit.

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