Silver Tungsten Alloys

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Tungsten Heavy alloy production strictly follows the China aviation material standard and U.S.A. aviation material standard. We offer none-toxic, high density fishing sinkers, beads,
cubes, balls, rings, rods, bar,s golf heads, off-centered dipoles and other abnormal units. Production capacity is above 200T/year. We are one of the largest manufacturers of tungsten alloy in China.
Copper tungsten alloy: production capacity is above 100T/year. As one of the important manufacturers of high-quality copper tungsten alloy in China, we can produce all W (50) ~ W (90) series.
Tungsten carbide products: rods, strips, EDM Blates, mining tools, cold heading dies, saw blades & tips, circular knives, rolls, balls, woodworking blades, mechanical seals, rings, glass & tile cutters, watchband accessories, indexable inserts, brazed tips, ect. The annual production capacity is 200 tons.
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