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Product ID: SUZPD168x

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The SUZPD168x range had been designed to allow seamless integration by OEM manufacturer, providing card based payment and other transaction services on their systems. The new product range is based on the proven SUZPD168x secure payment module and its modular system design accommodates different combinations of PINPads, card readers and displays in ATM/KIOSK/e-payment system.

--Processor: 8~32 bit processor
--EMV chip Certifications
--Smart card reader: ISO 7816
--EMV Level 1
--Security Certification: DUKPT, Secure APLs
--Security module complaint: ANS19.8 9.9, VISA PED


--SUZPD168x: 92 x 88mm (L x W)
--SUZPD168PH11: 134 x 118mm (L x W)
--SUZPD168WNP: 1750 x 1320mm (L x W)
--PED Depth 3.5mm
--Key tops: stainless steel, Character Etching, 4 x 4key, 4 x 3key
--Operating Temperature: -20°C to 70°C
--Power: 5V 300mA
--Keypad: Waterproof, Dustproof
ESD, IP 65 Rated Keypad
--Communication interface: RS232 interface serial ports. D9 type connector
--Battery: 3V 5years guaranty
.Vandal EPP

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