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This machine is designed for Nigiri Sushi rice-bal making.
This highly efficient machine saves man power and guarantees hygienic products, attracting more customers and increasing operation output.
1) The machine is first made in China via referring to the world-advanced know-how. Both the quality and appearance of the machine have reached the world standard,compared with the world-advanced products of the same kind.
2) It is made of stainless steel and engineering food grade plastic.The reasonable structure ensure stable and save running,meeting the food sanitation requirements.
3) The rice-ball out of the machine shows smooth and good-looking appearance and uniform size.The softness and hardness of the rice-ball is controlled via button.

After the machine is turned on and the selector switch is initiated, as soon as the cooked rice material is poured into the rice hopper,the rice balls are grabbed out by the machine automatically.If rice material is added incessantly,the rice balls are made out continuously.
Model SCX-15
1.Voltage Snigle-phase 220V(110V)
2.Power 15W(41W)
3.Frequency 50Hz(60Hz)
4.Capacity 15 sushis/min
5.Weight of a rice-ball 25~20g/sushi
6.Volume of the rice magazine 2Kg
7.Types of rice-ball: hard or soft
8.Weight of machine 13.9Kg
9.Overall dimensions(L*W*H) 430*210*480mm

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