Sushi Wrapping machine

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The machine is designed for separate sushi v packaging with plastic film. It is perfect for sushi restaurant and chain store for sushi take-away service.
1) The machine is manufactured on our own via referring to the world advanced technology.It has reached the world level,compared with the foreigh products of the same kind.

2) All the materials,pneumatic and electric elements used are imported from abroad.The main structure is made of stainless steel and engineering plastic,ensuring an easy and smooth operation.

3) Put the Sushi into the turntable by manpower, then the machine can pack them automatically.

4) This machine can be cooperated with the Rice-ball Forming Machine.
Model SSB-15
1. Voltage Single-phrase220v/50hz/110v/60hz
2. Power 0.25kw
3. Capacity 30pieces/min
4. Weight of a rice-ball 30~20g
5. Packing film requested(w*t) 135*0.03mm
6. Weight of machine 60kg
7. Overall dimensions(L*W*H) 200*750*1600mm

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