Aluminum Composite Pipe

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Aluminum Composite Pipe

1) Thanks to the concentricity of laser, the energy is concentrated in one point,
it can weld in extreme low temperature so it does not affect the inner pipe
and adhesive layer
2) When use arc-welding method, the heating surface is large and the welding
temperature is very high, so the adhesive is remelted and flow away, the
adhesion becomes uneven
3) Thanks to the high precision of laser welding, the welding beam is strong and
very even

Standard export carton

Temperature:-40~60°for cold water; Temperature:-40~95°for cold water; -20~40°for gas pipe
  • Size: 1014-2632mm
  • Length:
    • 100/coil,150/coil,200/coil
  • Colors:
    • white,red,yellow
  • Welding:
    • butt-welded,argon-arc welding
  • Standard: ASTMF1282
  • Certification: ISO9001
  • Packing:
    • packed in sealed plastic bags and then in cartons.
  • Applications:
  • Aluminum Composite Pipe is widely used in cold and hot water, gas, compressed air, solar energy and air-conditioned, heating, medical, foodstuff and chemical fluid supply pipe systems, of both industrial and household. It's the best substitute for all-plastic pipe, copper pipe and Galvanized pipe
  • ISO9001

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