SpO2/Pulse Rate Handheld Pulse Oximeter

Product ID: JERRY-II

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Parameters: SPO2, Pulse Rate.
1.Small, light, easy for carrying and handling
2.Brightness LED displays, easy to read, and the brightness can be adjusted
3.Build-in rechargeable Ni/MH battery, longtime operating time
4.Audio and visual alarm, and alarm limit can be set
5.Automatic Power-off
6.Battery capacity indicator
Pulse Oximeter can be applied in the hospital's operation room, ICU, clinic section office, Out-patient department, sickroom and emergency treatment.
  • Oxygen Saturation
    • Patient Range: Adult, pediatric, infant, neonate patients
  • SpO2Measurement range: 0%~100%
  • Accuracy: ?%(70~100%) ,0~69% unspecified
  • Resolution: 1%
    • Pulse Rate
      • Measurement range: 30bpm-250 bpm
    • Accuracy: ? bpm
    • Resolution: 1bpm
      • Display
        • SpO2 display: 2-digit and 7-segment red LED nixie tubes
      • PR display : 2-digit and 7-segment red LED nixie tubes
      • Pulse strength/ Battery capacity display: 10-segment and bar-graph red LED nixie tube
      • Battery indicator: A red LED
        • Power Requirements
          • Built-in Ni/MH rechargeable battery
        • AC Power: 100V-240V, 50-60HZ, 10VA

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