Pulse oximeter

Product ID: JERRY-II (AA)

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Jerry-II (AA) Pulse Oximeter

Parameters Monitored: SPO2, Pulse Rate

1. Compact, small, light, and easy for carrying and handling
2. Large bright LED display of measurements, easy to read
3. Common AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries to support 7 continuous working hours
4. Suitable for adult, pediatric, infant and neonate patients
5. Applicable to animals selectively
6. Adjustable audible and visual alarm
7. Automatic power-off
8. Battery capacity indicator

It is widely used in the hospital's operation room, ICU, clinic section office, outpatient department, sickroom, emergency treatment, and the recovery and health care organizations, or in the family nursing and in the process of transporting patients.
  • SpO2
    • Patient range: adult, pediatric, infant, neonate
  • Measuring range: 0%-100%
  • Accuracy: ?%(70~100%) ,0~69% unspecified
  • Resolution: 1%
    • Pulse Rate
      • Measurement range: 30bpm-250 bpm
    • Accuracy: ? bpm
    • Resolution: 1bpm
      • Alarm
        • Mode: 2-level audio and visual alarm
      • Setup: User-adjustable high and Low limits

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