massage comb

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A:With infrared , O 3 , and bio-wave functions ,it can effectively kill bacteria on the skin of head ,stimulate points on the skin of head ,expand capillary vessel and accelerate blood circulation


With physical massage and hair -growth lotion infusing functions ,it can improve the absorbency of hair follicles ,fully absorb plenty of nutrition ,activate cells ,fast repair hairy roots that are shrunk or hurted to prompt regeneration of the hairs .

For the first time ,it combines medical infrared , O 3 and bio-wave to effectively kill bacteria attached on the scalp ,stimulate points on the skin of head and accelerate blood circulation .Through physical massage, hairgrowth lotion can be infused into the hair follicles so that the hair follicles can fully absorb nutrition to form new regenerated hair follicles and make your hair thick and healthy .

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