LCD Proximity card reader

Product ID: SYRDT5-K

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SYRDT5-K provide the LCD displays with backlight, this allow the user simply read their card number and status.
  • System
    • Frequency: 125 KHz/ 13.56MHz
  • Read range: 2cm ~ 10cm (Mifare type:2cm~8cm)
  • Reader Time: 0.1 sec (ok)
  • LCD display: 128 x 64 Dot (16 x 4 Char)
  • Keypad input: 4Keypad (back-lighted) / 16Keypad
  • Output interface: RS485 format and WiegandTM format
  • Language: English / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese
  • Tamper switch: Built-in
  • Color: Gray / Green / Yellow
  • Dimensions (mm) : 135W x 195H x 90D
  • SYRDT5-K LCD Proximity Reader
    • Unique design and stunning appearance.
  • Large LCD with backlight for displaying card's number and status.
  • Can setup the Data, Time Reader ID, Multilingual, backlight.
  • Tamper switch built-in for vandal resistance.
  • Self-test on reader power-up to verify the setup configuration and initialize reader operation.
  • Compatible with SYRIS NT series controller.

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