USB Paper Shredder and Letter Opener

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USB Paper Shredder and Letter Opener

ITEM: 1502
USB mini Paper Shredder
Get rid of any incriminating or confidential receipts, sticky notes, or business cards in a second's notice.
Features & Specification:

Throat: 123mm
Shred A6 documents (an A4 sheet folded in two).
Shredded paper width: 3.5mm
Designed to shred any 4.8-in.-wide paper into tiny strips.
Shredding capacity: 2 sheets
Container capacity: 1.6L
On / Off / Reverse switch.
USB powered or 4 "AA" batteries.
Size: 16 x 12 x 14cm
Weight: 661g
Cable length: 110cm
.USB Paper Shredder and Letter Opene

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