China Shenzhen gecko sculpture handicraft factory
Shenzhen gecko Crafts Company, with sculpture, decorative wall, stainless steel sculpture, art Decoration professional manufacturing base; set art R & D, production, sale and service; products are widely
For hotels, clubs, theme parks, real estate model room, the urban landscape, such as space, with 5,000 square meters of design, development, production, display and office space, 150 more than the professional services team.
Gecko art product positioning in the high-end space, sculpture, decorative wall art, a variety of room for artistic expression to create gecko art practices, the use of multi-material elements: such as cloth, iron, copper, steel, wood, glass fiber reinforced plastic composite materials, etc. special mechanism of materials, multi-angle, multi-level space for art performance, application design, replacement, contrast, exaggeration, deformation, composition, color and other traditional and modern practices of the murals, sculpture, painting, printmaking, painting, and other technology devices, such as to constitute sculpture, decorative wall space can be used in creative art forms and practices, and to take the lead in Des lighting, soft decorative border portfolio quality, and form a rich connotation of the space, decorative wall art; given to sculpture, decorative wall art to imagine beyond the visual arts and the environment of space allows the formation of "harmonious coexistence."
Artistic expression and artistic creation, and the uniqueness of the way, so that works of art gecko has a unique artistic quality, has won the customers, because we take the standard process of management, reasonable sector, staff a clear division of labor. Design, creation, production, construction, installation and other services; the effort in the field, the eyes stare in the market, and constantly create new products, to fill and satisfy market needs. The formation of one-stop full-service, and long-term cooperation with clients to achieve strategic alliances, in order to create high customer value gecko Annex art products! Gecko art environmental art cover design, theme park planning, urban environmental sculpture, sculpture art ornaments, hotels matching decoration, antique art sculpture, decorative arts paintings, architectural columns, lace, model pieces, murals, cartoon character , artificial stone and other decorations, as well as the human body, animals, mascots, fruit products and simulation model, such as resin, plaster, foam, metal ornaments and other crafts materials, work has been widely used in hotel decoration, home furnishings, space layout, as well as theme park , the theme of shopping malls, tourist attractions, the Museum, Museum of the environment in areas such as packaging.
Shenzhen gecko Crafts Company is ready to serve customers with the best quality service at home and abroad, to work together to create more products!
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