Quilted fabric waste & foam cutting machine

Product ID: BC1007

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The machine is suitable for uphostery,sofa,mattress ,toy,separate packing material production
△The machine is mostly uesd to cut the recycled material into regular pieces so that
the waste Matertial can be fully reutilizd.the processed material can be used in f-
.oam reproduction or to be filling stuff.
△To make full set of waste materials:foam sponge,non-woven cloth,glue-spray
cotton,pleated cotton...
△The cutting tool is made in German and the blede is very shape and durable.the waste material
can put into machine directly.

△ The traditional way of processing waste material is to tear or shred the materials into
irregular pieces of much powder rasing :while BC1007 adopt the advanced technology to cut
The material into regular pieces .no dust during processing ,low noise ,good to heath
△ Strong capacity,can cut pleated cotton and glue-spray cotton ,non-woven cloth easy.
  • BC1007
    • woking width : 500mm
  • dimensions(L*W*H) : 2180mm*1140mm*1470mm
  • cutting size (width) : 8mm
  • cutting size((length) (adjustable): 6mm-60mm
  • mangeable thickness: ≤60mm
  • capacity : 250-300kg/hour(the material is foam waste)
  • 125-50kg/hour(the material is quilted fabric waste)
  • power : 18.5kw
  • net weight : 1000kg
  • voltage : 380V, 50Hz, 3Phase

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