solar road stud

Product ID: RSPS-1/2

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With both LEDs and reflector
Super bright LEDs
1 year guarantee, 5 years life

Model No.: RSPS-1----one side
Size: 105*105*25mm
Weight: 260g
Key features:
1. Combine active radiation by solar energy with passive reflecting light by reflectors.
2. Super capacitor can use for 100.000 times without environmental pollution.
3. High seal technology guarantees the elements inside to be separated well against water in super strong compressive resistance FRP shell.

Technical specification:
Item Description
Solar cell Type: Mono crystalline
Voltage: 3V
Current: 120MA
Capacitor Type: Super-capacitor
Voltage: 2.3V
Capacity: 120F
Circle life: 100, 000 circle
Working temperature: -40C~+80C
LED frequency: Blink(1Hz+-20%)or steady
Size: Φ5mm
Number: 2x2PCS
Color: White, yellow, red, blue, green
Luminous intensity: 2000mcd
Control circuits: IC
Operating time: (single-side) charged in the sun for 8 hours available for 80 hours blinking lighting and 12 hours constant lighting
Compression resistance: Over 10 Ton
Starting intensity: 500 LUX
Application situation: Edge line
Life in use: 5 year
Warrant: 1 year
Material of body shell: FPR
Material of solar panel shell: PC
Material of reflector Acrylic
Water proof: IP68
View distance: Over 500m
.With both LEDs and reflector

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