Full Automatic Computerized Gloves Knitting Machine

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Detailed Product Description
Main specifications:
1) Main gauge: 7G, 8.5G, 10G, 13G
2) Motor: 220V, 250W
3) Power source: single or three phrases
4) Looking station rate: 15-20 sets/person
5) Output: 120 pairs/8hrs
6) Weight: 250kg
7) Size: 1,250 x 650 x 1,750mm

It is the best and most advanced machine to knit working gloves, five-finger or half-finger
seamless gloves and fashion magic gloves with various yarns.

1. Sinker knitting system: such technology can make out smooth and evasive gloves
that can be close to the palm tightly
2. Scissors for elastic and thermo doling yarn: SXG-type glove machine has an improved
and advanced scissors. It can cut the yarn accurately and ensure the complete
drop of the finished glove
3. Easy-to-use controlling keyboard: it aims at easy operation when designing and
controlling keyboard of SXG-typed machine. The oversized buttons and clear display
help lessen the mistakes made by operating workers. Besides, it is easy to watch
the knitting condition at any time through the oversized LED display. It is also
easy to enter new data with the digital keyboard
4. Anti-fouling oil disk: to prevent the glove from being fouled by lubricator, we
fix the oil pan
5. Highly precise headstock: headstock and the cam system are made out from selected
steel that has been hardened through a special program
6. Long-lasting needle bed: the needle bed is assembled with pieces of trick plates
that are made out from the selected and hardened steel. The bed could bear friction
caused by longtime high speed running. It only needs to take out the damaged
piece for a replacement when necessary
7. Size converter: the use of selecting drum makes it possible to produce gloves
with two different sizes. These functions enhanced machine's flexibility and reduce
the cost
8. Center system: it only needs to draw the cross rod to add lubricator into a certain
part of the equipment. The system is good for improving the machine's durability
and maintenance, which in turn leads to the increase of the production benefits
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