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EPS/EPP/EPO Foam Mould

EPS(Expanded Polystyrene),EPP(Expanded Polypropylene),EPO(PIOCELAN) foam mould,made of 6061/6063/7075 imported high quality aluminum alloy .
The mould is covered with Teflon to creat clear and non-stick surface,which increase ejection ease and corrosion-proof and heat-resitance.
We can support you with design and processing service,our technician and designers custom made the mould according to your mold drawing,chart or sample.

Molded EPS/EPP products are widely used in consumer electronics,auto industry,toys,protective sports ware,packaging,construction industry,etc.
1. Customized mould design drawing are available,
2. All mould are carefully designed and machined to the sophisticated tolerance by using the latest equipment
3. The prototype mould will be created as per the customer’s requirement and demands.
4.We also offer foaming moulds for the refrigerator parts and auto interior and bumper,etc
1) We can provide foam moulds for various parts according to your requirements
2) We own CNC processing centers, CNC spark working machinery and various advanced mold tooling equipment. We also have established a CAD / CAM / CAE mold design and development center
3) Our quality, price, after sale services are really competitive
4) Our range covers from eletrical accessory, auto parts, household appliance, computer accessory, medical appliance, car accessory, digital&security parts ect.
EPS Mould Product Description:
It is able to manufacture various moulds for automatic machine and removable moulds for forming machine.
The EPS mould manufacture dept has a good work team covering CAD mould design, wood model manufacture, casting, machining and assembly.
The 6063 high quality aluminum alloy material is used for machines of various specifications with standard steam frame and standard cooling system.
The mould surface is sprayed with protective Teflon coating with features of excellent lubrication, no sticking of stain on the moulds, convenient demould, good anticorrosion, high temperature resistance and long service life.
  • EPS Mould
    • EPS Mould made of high quality aluminum alloy
  • ISO9002

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