Spray Coating System SCS3000

Product ID: SCS3000

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The SCS3000 Spray coating System is suitable for various applications of liquid encapsulation, protective coatings and all types low viscosity fluids.

Using the Gantry Robot and PC-based dispensing software as a platform for the SCS3000, its flexible design it is able to accommodate various type of PCB Boards, customized plastic parts and amongst others manufactured parts.

The SCS3000 also is available in both as standalone or in-line system.
  • Working Area
    • 300 x 300 x 100mm
  • Programming Method
    • PC Based Software
  • Maximum Speed
    • 600 mm/sec
  • Resolution
    • 2痠 per axis
  • Others
    • Repeatability ?0痠 per axis
  • Drive System AC Servo Ball Screw
  • Program Capacity Unlimited
  • Purging Station for material
    • -
  • 3 different spray patterns
    • -
  • Easily customized
    • To suit different types of applications
  • Easy programming
    • With PC-based dispensing software
  • External control panel
    • With easy button access