CCTV Video Balun with Flip-Top Toolless Connector

Product ID: BL3295

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The CCTV Video Balun with Flip-Top IDC Connector requires no AC power or batteries for bi-directional signal conversion, and it is designed to terminate wires by hands, without punch-down tool for efficient and friendly installation. Our CCTV Balun is used in pairs to allow traditional 75 ohm coax cable to be replaced by Category 5 (or better) twisted pair LAN cable in the CCTV security and surveillance environment. Thereby, it allows CCTV camera and monitoring equipment to be deployed more cost-effective, better image, and much longer distance using balanced cabling techniques. For multiple camera installations savings of over 50% can be made. All our Baluns are 100% tested for reliability and durability to guarantee your signal integrity.
    • Allows maximum distance of color video upto 2200 ft (671m) of Cat.5 UTP cable.
  • Easy and fast installation.
  • Includes surge protection.
  • Converts Bi-directional signal.
  • Compact enclosure.
  • Support NTSC, PAL, and SECAM systems.
  • Limited Lifetime warranty.

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