High frequency ultrasonic wave signal generating device

Product ID: 20K --- 400KHz

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1. Technical parameters:
1. :0 --- 3000W output power of 3000W-20000W take optional order
2. Input Voltage :180 --- 265V AC or 85 --- 135V AC. 50/60Hz
3. Operating temperature: -20 --- +65
4. Output harmonic parameters: 97% (Min)
5. Start peak current (3000W load): less than or equal to 40A
6. Working frequency: 20K --- 250KHz (need to order more than 250K)
7. Remote control voltage :6 --- 15VDC, high voltage shut down, after the restoration of low-level soft-start.
8. MOS / IGBT maximum temperature: 50 degrees (3000W load, environmental temperature of 25 degrees when the test).
Tundra Shenzhen Industrial Power Technology Co., Ltd. is an independent research and development, production and sales of ultrasound technology company, the company mainly ultrasonic power supply (generator) mainly for the large number of manufacturers ultrasound facilities, and technological power, quality machinery prices low to enter the market quickly became the industry's leading Departed. Special specifications can be ordered based on customer requirements and the provision of special technical research and development services.
Founded in October 2007. In March 2008 developed the first ultrasonic generator, the performance of its unique advantages and stability so that it was widely recognized by customers.
120K high-frequency ultrasonic signal generator in June 2008, the company developed a second ultrasonic generator, so that in the high-frequency ultrasound power and miniaturization has made great progress, especially in the high-frequency ultrasonic 120KHZ signal generator, received a lot of veteran foreign manufacturers recognized ultrasound. In December the same year, the company developed a third generator, SPMA increase the use of half-bridge technology, makes the stability of high-frequency ultrasound power was unprecedented upgrade. High-performance, low price makes the product market quickly.
250K high-frequency ultrasonic signal generator in January 2009 is a watershed in the development of the company for the U.S. biotechnology company D & W R & D a 250K high-frequency ultrasonic signal generator, the product difficult to integrate into a wide range of high technology. Including the frequency of dynamic recovery, fuzzy power tracking control of remote network 485, as well as the frequency of positive and negative points less than 1HZ drift, less than 0.1 per thousand rate of phase jitter.
Five fourth-generation generator and in May 2009, the company ended up to 6 months with the cooperation of Granville Goodrich. R & D by the end of May in the fourth generation of the company and the Five Dynasties generator, the multi-cleaning mode, a variety of work by leaps and bounds frequency sweep, a fool-style maintenance operation, lower noise. Ultrasound for the vast number of manufacturers believe that a better service.
The company will continue its efforts to develop power ultrasonic plastic welding machine, small ultrasonic power, ultrasonic atomizer such as ultrasonic power supply. Better for the general customer service.
Provide customers with the industry and commercial co-operation between the various models, with a view to mutual benefit, win-win business opportunities, us merchants welcome from all walks of life, take up co-operation.

Success stems from the credibility and reputation from the quality, which is the driving force for our survival. We have to continuing to pursue the perfect quality of the shortcomings of the challenges to zero. All my colleagues in the Company will continue to pursue innovation and progress, with customers for a better way forward to work together tomorrow.

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