Dongguan Shinefont technology Co.,Ltd.
Dongguan Shinefont Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, is a collection of scientific research, production and sales with the overall strength of high-tech enterprise, focusing on photovoltaic, energy, science and technology, environmental protection, specializing in solar energy, Since the power generation and LED related products such as tech R & D and production and processing, the main products and projects include: environmental protection batteries, self-generating products, solar products and environmental photocatalyst applied R & D production and processing and export, the company engaged in e-commerce for many years, Relying on a strong... Internet sales platform, the major markets concentrated in the mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan region, North American,Africa, Japan, Middle East and other countries and regions ...

The company most of the products with their own property, with more than 3C to achieve quality standards to achieve quality control systems, development of quality control to the components into the plant identification and monitoring of the quality, production process quality control, compatibility testing, reliability testing, environmental testing, factory quality control procedures. The company's product has been more than 40 countries to enjoy the vast number of users, all products are all in line with European quality standards and environmental standards, with CE certification a number of international certification, customers of this company's products provide high-quality and stability of a high degree of affirmed.

The company's goal is to provide customer satisfaction of products and services. Company strictly in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 system, establish and improve their own quality assurance system, from raw material procurement, raw material inspection, process control to finished product delivery, etc., a comprehensive, systematic, and scientific operating specifications to ensure product quality stable and reliable. Good quality, punctual delivery, perfect service and competitive prices.

The company's sales department has a friendly and fast service team. From the International Department to communicate fluently in English to the internal network of direct support and R & D efficiency in the development of the global synchronization in order from the "globalization quality, the lowest of prices, personalized service, high-speed efficiency" in four major areas to provide customers with a pioneering global market, a solid support. Strongly to cultivate outstanding R & D talent, establish and maintain with suppliers and distributors of the strategic alliance, through the integration of the supply chain to enhance customer value. In addition to self-improvement in production technology, the factory management and marketing channel for constantly pursuing innovation and breakthroughs ...

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