Euro clevis self-locking hook

Euro clevis self-locking hook

chain fittings, hoisting rigging

Product ID: chain fittings

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G80 European type clevis self-locking hook
G80 European type swivel self-locking hook
G80 eye hook with latch
G80 clevis slip hook with latch
Eye hook with latch
Swivel hook with latch
G80 European type eye self-locking hook
G80 U.S.type forged master link
G80 U.S.type master link assembly
G80 European type connecting link
U.S. anchor chackle
U.S.dee shackle
Swivel hook for offshore
Lifting swivel hook
National standard swivel hook
OO turnbuckle jaw and jaw
CC turnbuckle jaw and jaw
OC turnbuckle jaw and jaw
Most other models can also be made at the order.
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chain block, electric hoist, crane pulley, trolley truck,lifting chain