DIN Internally and Externally Galvanized Steel Tube with High Precision

Product ID: EN10305

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Synopsis of Process Routing:DIN highly accurate, cold drawn and bright seamless steel tube is used as the tube to be internally and externally galvanized. The inner and outer wall of tube are electroplated, and/or passivated with military green after galvanizing. The caps are used to cover two ends of tube to prevent from the dust.
Main Features:the inner and outer walls of tube are galvanized and/or passivated which have remarkable properties of antirust and anticorrosion. White galvanized, color galvanized (yellow galvanized) and passivation with military green can be realized. Note: the length of tube is not exceeded 3m. Main Features of passivation: High anti-corrosive performance, Salt spray testing as per GB/T10125,Testing times for 240 hours without rusting.
Main Application:used in military industry, automotive and locomotive industries and in the case where the high antirust and anticorrosion for inner and outer tube walls are required.
  • Main Norm
    • DIN2391-94/C
  • DIN2445
  • EN10305
  • DIN1630
  • DIN1629
  • ASTM A106
  • ASTM A179
  • JIS G3445
    • Main Steel Grade
      • St35(E235)
    • St37.4
    • St45(E255)
    • St52(E355)
      • Delivery Condition
        • Delivery Condition
      • NBK(+N)
      • GBK(+A)
      • BK(+C)
      • BKW(+LC)
      • BKS(+SR)
  • Main Character
    • No oxidation layer on the outer and inner walls
  • No leakage under high pressure
  • High precision
  • High Cleanness
  • No distortion after cold bending
  • No crack under flaring and flattening
  • ISO/TS16949:2009 Automotive Quality Systems Certification (AQA)

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