Flex Circuits Etching Line(Flexible Pringted Circuits Etching Line)

Product ID: TY-FPC-1

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It is suitable for etching flexible, double side and multi-layer lead-tin coating plate. It is one of most reliable process for SMOBC.
  • Main Parameter
    • 1.Effective height: 630mm
  • 2.Work height: 900±25mm
  • 3.Convey speed: 0.2-5m/min
  • 4.Convey distance: 33mm
  • 5.Application: Max: 620mm * any dimension
  • Min.: 60mm * 80mm
  • 6.Workpiece Flexible plate:≥0.075mm
  • Hard plate:≥0.8mm
  • 7.Total power: 67.51KW
  • 8.Outline dimension: 12150mm *1800mm*2000mm
    • Process Flow
      • Put the plate—etching i—recycle water washing i/ii—urban water washing—check—recycle water washing—urban water washing—absorb—blow by strong air—dry by hot air—discharge
  • Characteristics
    • I. The cover is made by toughness glass
  • II. Use frequency conversion to change the speed, imported pump and electrical appliance.
  • III. Each spray pipe has its own pressure adjustment, which make the developing even, clean and quick.
  • IV. The special wheelbase is suitable for thin plate.
  • V. Man-machine interface
  • VI. Special design of drain and exhaust system is easy for installation.
  • VII. Overhead wiring which is easy for maintenance and avoid any damage to liquid medicine
  • VIII. Flow volume is adjusted, which can save energy.
  • CE Certificate&ISO 2000

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