Portable proximity badge time recorder

Product ID: AD-310

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Since concept of Time Clock computerization has been introduced to us about 10 years ago, system providers have been focusing on its data transmission capability other than its software calculation ability. Thus the typical Serial transmission format RS-485 or the even advanced LAN(TCP/IP) are greatly applied. Sophisticated installation & system setting and high cost hence, however, have stopped at least 90% of the Time Clock users from abandoning their old-fashioned suits. Kizone's latest models AD-310 series adds the SD card data backup solutions, which has been largely used in consumer electronics but rare in AIDC domain, while still keeps its application simplicity due to its unique and outstanding design. Just because of its innovative moves a high-end Time & Attendance management application can benefit more middle and even small enterprise users and which has long been our ultimate goal. And we are fulfilling this used-to-be dream now!
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