Resveratrol extract

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it was reported that Huzhang extract is one of the best active-oxygen scavengers for the prevention of skin aging induced by UV-irradiation and free radical. Experiments conducted in vivo indicate that resveratrol is a potent vasodilator and inhibitor of platelet aggregation. Recent work in dogs and humans indicate that other concentrated sources of resveratrol (i.e., red wine and grape juice) eliminate cyclic blood-flow reductions caused by platelet-mediated thrombosis. Active Compounds: Huzhang is characterized by anthraquinones and their glycosides, napthoquinone, 3,5,4¯-trihydroxy stilbene (i.e., resveratrol), piceid, fallacinol, citreorosein, questin, questinol, protocatechuic acid, (+) catechin, 2,5-dimethyl-7- hydroxychromone, 7-hydroxy-4-methoxy-5-methylcoumarin, flavonols, polysaccharides, and condensed tannins.
  • Typical Specification: 20%-98%
    • Typical Extracts Specification:
  • Product Name: resveratrol
  • Typical Specification: 20%-98%
  • Part Used: root
  • Care: Keep in sandy soil that is well drained. Potted plants need filtered sun or full shade

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