Sanitary diaphragm valve

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Product name: Manual Sanitary U-type Diaphragm Valves (Compact Sanitary Pneumatic Diaphragm Valves, Sanitary Clamped Diaphragm Valves, Sanitary Quick installed Diaphragm Valves, Stainless steel Pneumatic Sanitary Diaphragm Valves)

Features: This valve is widely used in sample from under tank or pipeline system aseptic conditions and can sterilize before or after the sample. SIP by alcohol or steam, material sealed by diaphragm directly, typical sample, excellent repeatability, no second-time contamination, batch or mini sample allowed. Manual/Pneumatic diaphragm valve can be mounted on any position, flow direction of medium doesn’t affect valve on/off. Its structure is compact, suitable for small space. It has many surface polishes, and no dead angle, and it can drain out automatically.

Specification: 1/2" - 2" (DN15-DN50), Larger sizes are available as per customer requests.

Materials: Sanitary corrosion resistance stainless steel, AISI304, AISI316L (SUS304, SUS316L and EN1.4301, EN1.4404)

Seal: RTV (Silicone rubber), EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer), Viton/FPD (fluorine-rubber), PTFE + EPDM (for double layer diaphragm)

Seal service temp: RTV (-60 ~ 200 deg. C), EPDM (-50 ~ 140 deg. C), Viton (-40 ~ 200 deg. C), PTFE + EPDM (-40 ~ 150 deg. C)

Standards: DIN, SMS, ISO,/IDF, 3A, RJT.

Working pressure: 0 - 10Bar (From min. pressure vacuum to max. pressure 10Pa)

Working temperature: -5 - 134 deg. C

Connection: 1) Butt weld (with extension as customer requested),
2) Clamped (Quick-installed),
3) Female thread (with nut as per customer’s requests)
Notes: Screw connection are according to DIN 11851
Clamp connections are according to DIN 32676

Operation: 1) Manual,
2) Pneumatic: Stainless steel pneumatic actuator. Normal close, normal open, opened and closed by two air flues separately.
3) Electric: with on-off indicator light, passive contact signal, intelligent control, 1K/5K potentiometer

Polishing: Mirror polish, Semi-polish (Sub-light), Tumble, Pickling, Passivation.

Packing: Shrink wrapped - Carton - Plywood case

Application: Sanitary diaphragm valve is typically used in fermentor, mixing tank, filling machine, freeze-drying equipment, sterile filter, water generator, PW, WFI convey and distribution, sterile fluid convey and CIP, SIP, etc. And widely used in fields, such as Dairy, Food, Beer, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Fermentatio, etc.

Advantage: Prompt quotation, competitive price, punctual delivery and guaranteed quality.

Device: We adopted most advancing device to produce our products, such as Japan Mazak brand CNC machine tools, Full automated cutting and production equipment, Automatic argon arc welding machine and so on.

Quality: We are specialized in producing all kinds of sanitary fluid equipments for more than 15 years, the standard, collaboratively developed by a group of processors, suppliers, regulatory officials and sanitation specialists, is generally accepted by both domestic and international regulatory authorities.
Our products have earned the ISO 9001, 3A and CE symbol, which requires an annual assessment to make certain each product confirms in all respects to the published standard.

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