Titanium Screw

Product ID: ASTM , AMS

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Titanium Fastener, Titanium Bolt, Titanium Nut, Titanium Washer, Titanium Screw
1) Bolt sizes: M4-M22脞ength
2) Nut sizes: M4-M22
3) Washer sizes: M4-M22
4) Standard: DIN, ASTM, BS
5) Grade:Gr1, Gr2, Gr3, Gr5, Gr9
We also offer titanium sheet and titanium plate, titanium bar and titanium rod, titanium round rod and titanium square bar, titanium tube and titanium pipe and titanium wire, titanium foil and titanium coil, titanium fastener, titanium nuts and titanium bolts and titanium screw and titanium washer, titanium disk, titanium mesh plate, titanium clad cooper plate, titanium copper rod, titanium cool pipe, titanium complex plate, titanium elbow, titanium flange, titanium valve, titanium ring, titanium anode basket, and other non-ferrous metal
.Aeronautic industry, medical equipm

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