TONSON Air Mixer + Processing in Hazardous Environment

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Air mixer:
Mixing, Blending & Dispersing of light to high viscous materials in small to big volume
TONSON's proven, high-torque, radial piston drive air motors provide low operating cost with low maintenance features for mixing applications in vessels 5 to 500 gallons. Regardless of the mixing you want to perform, we have just the right mixer for you: hand hold mixer, Lab mixer, angle entry bung mixer, pneumatic lift stand mixer, time-programmed mixer. . . etc
  • Angle Bung Entry Air Mixer
    • Applicable for mixing in closed drums. Screw angle bracket into a 2"bung opening and fasten the set screw to the angle bracket after the mixer is placed into the drum. Special designed stainless steel blade will fit easily,blades extend by centrifugal force when operating and retracts when stopped
  • C-Clamp Air Mixer
    • C-Clamp Mount air mixer is suitable for mixing large volumes of light and medium visicosity materials in open drum.
  • Cross Tank Mount Air Mixer
    • An excellent cost effective solution for mixing and blending of light to medium visicosity materials.
  • Mount bracket will securely fit on almost any steel drum.
  • It can be easily moved from one tank to another.
    • Bung Mount Helix Air Mixer
      • uniquely applicable for 2inch bung-mounting and to reduce volatile fluid evaporation while maintaining purity of sealed drum contents.Large spiral-shaped blade mixes paints,resins urethanes and epoxies efficiently.Particularly effective for semiconductor manufacturing process and mixing higher viscosity fluids.Stainless steel models are waterbase compatible.
    • Teflon coating available for strong acid/alkali resistanc
      • Hand hold Air Mixer
        • his uniquely designed mixer is compact and unsurpassed for mixing paint, resin, chemicals, epoxies,ink and etc.
  • Explosion-proof
  • Never Burn Out
  • Ease of Control
  • High Torque / High Speed
  • Toleration of Environment

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