induction cookers

Product ID: TB22V8

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double magnetism leaking proof.
super-large eight digital touch button, thickening ROBOT-plated steeled glass panel
Electricity,voltagecheck,timer,preengage as you like
Wide range power adjustion, multi-function cooking ways
automatic fault tracing,more than 30 kinds of self-protect functions
85V super-low starting voltage,2200W super poer.
thickening ROBOTplated steeled glass panel
  • Pre-defined time
    • This function allows the cooking area to heat-up at full power for a pre-defined time,switching automatically to a pre-selected power level,once the time has expired,in order to maintain steady conditions.
  • Low Temperature function
    • This function is able to maintain the cooking zone temperature and regulate it around75
  • Pan detection
    • Each zone will work only after having detected a pan.Whenever a cooking zone is selected and the pan is missing,the related display will flash the power level set.
  • Timer
    • All the cooking areas can be timed when they are running
  • Automatic switch off
    • This is a safety feature to prevent the cooktop from running too long unattended.There should be a maximum working time per every power lever.The control shuts down the proper cooking zone automatically when the related time-out expires.After changing any settings,the time-out is reset to the initial value and the countdown restarts.