Reusable Hose Fittings

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reusable hose fitting for connecting a hose to an accessory including a nipple fixedly connected at one end to the accessory and having a sleeve removably inserted into the open end of the hose. A removable segmented wedge and a socket subassembly surrounds the hose as is connected to the nipple by axial fasteners, the tightening of which inwardly shifts the segmented wedge to compressively capture the hose. The subassembly is removable for replacement of a damaged hose with removal of the nipple.
  • Material Range
    • Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Brass.
  • The Kinds / Weight
    • The size from 1/4" to 2.1/2", including male and female, The standards of BSP, METRIC, JIC are available. Weight depends on the size.
  • Operation Process
    • Size from 1/8" to 5/8" are produced beginning the solid carbon steel, stainless steel or brass, size from 3/4" to 2.1/2" are produced beginning forge, this kinds of fitting including the nipple, sleeve and socket.
  • CNC Machining Planning.
  • Drilling machine.
  • Thread rolling machine
    • Available Cover
      • Yellow zinc-plated.
    • White zinc-plated.
    • Silver trivalent.
    • Trivalent chrome zinc plated.

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