Tpearls Company, is your cultured pearl jewelry wholesale center. Here you will find wholesale

freshwater pearl and akoya pearl jewelry, fashion pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets, pearl

earrings, pearl pendants, pearl rings, coral jewelry, turquoise jewelry, crystal, jade, and shell

jewelry, lamp work jewelry, gemstone jewelry, wish pearl gift sets, and oysters with pearls. Most

of the jewelry products are handmade. In addition, we also supply jewelry raw materials -

freshwater pearls, akoya pearl beads & strands, coral beads, turquoise, shell beads, jewelry class

fittings, and jewelry making kits.

Lpearls, LTD. is a professional wholesaler and supplier of Chinese cultured pearls. All pearls are

directly from Chinese cultured pearl farms. Most of the pearls are originated from the "ZhenJing

Cultured Pearl Farms". It is located in Liusha Gang, ZhanJiang, and was founded in the end of

1970's. The founder of "ZhenJing Cultured Pearl Farms" is the father of He was

principally researched and engaged in the science of pearl-breeding in the Period of the Cultural

Revolution in China (1966 -1976). He mastered a knowledge about pearls and the techniques of

breeding them during this period. By the end of the Cultural Revolution in China, he had built and

was operating the "ZhenJing Cultured Pearl Farms" . Other pearl farmers were only beginning to

research and engage in nurturing and breeding the Akoya Pearl Shell hatchlings.

In the fall of 2006, the owner of expanded production, allowing ZhenXing Cultured Pearl

Farms to provide wholesale jewelry processing and exporting. Our team of original jewelry

designers are supported by packaging designers, website technicians and photographers. Customer

satisfaction is imperative for our company, and it is our hope that you will find the perfect gift

from the ZhenXing Cultured Pearl Farms!

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