Launch Super 16 connector

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Launch Super 16 connector
  • specifications
    • As you are no doubt aware, the Launch X431 system has a number of 16-pin OBD II-style plugs, OBD-16C and CAN 2 are by far the most popular.
  • special functions
    • Although your X431 will tell you which plug to use it will only do this after you have connected to the car potentially wasting time.
  • features
    • Additionally the super 16 connector has a double wired CAN bus system allowing additional coverage for new Opel, SAAb and GM vehicles, especailly for the SRS system and some BODY control system.
  • features
  • Also the CITROEN/PEUGEOT converter required for use with the CAN 2 plug is no longer required with the super16 connector.
  • in one year for free maintenance

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