Trimax Wireless 6000 Series

Product ID: Trimax 6000

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The Trimax 6000 Series is a six radio platform that supports WiMAX, WiFi, DECT and 3G technologies in the same device, opening new possible service offerings and business opportunities.

Our Trimax 6000 multi-mode, multi-frequency, multi-standard and multi-service architecture is the ultimate platform for carriers, network providers, corporations, government and military entities around the world. The unique combination of DECT and OFDM radios housed in a solid and durable outdoor unit delivers a cost effective and flexible solution.

Built to military standards, Trimax Wireless products exceed commercial norms in performance and durability. Trimax series of products are resilient; require minimum maintenance and offer robust, reliable, and long-lasting solutions, thus reducing the Total Cost of Ownership of the network. All Trimax Systems share the same Element Manager platform which greatly simplifies the learning curve and reduces configuration and installation time.
  • Built to military standards
  • WiMAX or 3G backhaul
  • Any combination
    • Any combination of (900MHz, 2.4GHz, 2.5GHz, 2.6GHz, 3.5GHz, 4.9GHz, 5GHz)
  • DECT (1880-1930MHz), VoIP
  • GPS synchronization for seamless ha
  • FCC

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