ABL and PBL Laminate Tube Making Machine

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We are a Shanghai Company specializing in developing and manufacturing machinery equipment like Sealing and Filling Machines, Laminate Tube Making Machines, Plastic Injection Molding Equipment, Sealing and Screwing Cap Machines for use in the toohpaste, cosmetics and medicine etc industries.

This machine, controlled by PLC with the a touch screen human-computer interface features stable performance, simple manipulation and easy adjustment. It specializes in welding the latasutures of aluminum-plastic and plastic laminated tubes with speed and cosmetic perfection. When welding aluminum-plastic laminated tubes, the machine can cover entirely the exposed aluminum foils, ensuring the quality of fillings over a long period of time. This machine is widely used in the production of packaging tubes of toothpaste, food, drug, cosmetic and other types of pastes or latex products.

The TT-80 Laminate Tube Making Machine (shown in the photo below) is the tube processing equipment of the new generation which we have developed by integrating up-to-date foreign tube manufacturing technologies. With this single production line, we can weld both aluminum-plastic laminated tubes and all plastic laminated tubes, and can also cut tubes of all types according to color code or length.

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ABL and PBL Laminate Tube Making Machines