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Carbide Seal Rings
Good material, advanced process, stable mechanical properties, high wear resistance and corrosion resistance; Various products with complicated shape, either blanks or finished products can be provided.
  • Our main products are follows:
    • Blanks and finished Products for Mechanical seal Rings;
  • Cutting Tools and Wear-resistant for cigarette Machines;
  • Carbonitride Cutting Tips (TiCN);
  • Magnetic-less Cemented Carbide Dies;
  • Other Parts with Special Form;
  • The blanks for long blades with length to 600mm and thickness to 0.5mm;
  • Tungsten alloy balls, bars and plates;
  • General Cutting Tool Tips;
  • Mining and Geological Prospecting Tools; Drawing and Punching Dies;
  • Pressure-resistant parts, etc.
  • ISO2000