carbide saws

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New technology, new material, stable in mechanical properties, easy soldering, high wear resistance and high impact resistance.
  • Graphite products
    • various kinds of graphite products or according to your secification.
  • Graphite is used in the mechanical seal parts.It has a good erode-resisitant ability.It can stand against cauterizstion from acid,alkali,salt and all organic compound except strong oxidation material . Because of its special ideal lubricative ability,the rub coefficient is between 0.04 and 0.05 and under the situation of hydrokineties,the rub coefficient is between with 0.08 and 0.10 . It also had a high heat-transmiting coeficient(100~110kilo-calorie/metre hour degree),lower line expanding coefficient(2~3*10-6),favorable anti-temperature deformation and machining ability.
  • Graphite which has a good erode-resistand ability,can-stand against from acid,alkali,salt and all oranic compound except strong oxidation material is used in the field of mechanical seal parts.