plastic blow molding machine

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ZK-100B plastic blow molding machine
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automatic extrusion blow molding machine:
1.This series is mainly applicable to the production of various packing barrels with PE and PP material and capacity up to 100L,toolbox,motorcar parts such as gasoline tank, float dock, sprayer tank, jerry cans, gallon, chemical drum. Baby safety chair, bus seat chair, dust pipe ,auto parts, wind pipe and other large and medium-sized plastic hollow products.
2.This series is composed by clamping structure, accumulator die head, extrusion system, hydraulic system, Frame, cooling system, electric system, parison controller and so on.and the bottom blow device can be chosen by customer.
3.The electrical control system adopts Complete computer control to automatically conduct technical parameter optimization and trouble diagnosis with high control precision and good reliability.
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.plastic blow molding machine

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