plastic blow moulding machine drum mannequin

Product ID: ZK-90b

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Blow molding machine The series include ZK-90 ZK100.They can be used to produce various hollow plastic products, such as jerry cans, gas tank, child safety chair, bus chair, drum, barrel, automotive parts ,tool box and so on. it is composed by clamping structure,die head, extrusion system, hydraulic system, Frame, cooling system, bottom blow device, electric system, parison controller and so on. and the take out products device can be chosen by customer.
The clamping system is a high-precision single-station linear guide, extrusion system using a hard gear reducer and inverter imported from Japan. The die head system adopts central-incoming extrusion die made of special steel, imported hydraulic valve and seal parts with proportional control valve. The control system consists of PLC and Human-machine interface imported from Japan, an automatic temperature control module and imported electrical parts.

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