Digital / Electronic Ratchet Torque Wrench

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*Target torque and torque being applied are shown on a LCD display. Single-function keys are easy and fast to use. This wrench has all the functionality of a dial wrench, but is 3 times as accurate.

*The 45-tooth reversible ratchet head results in both clockwise and counter clockwise, fine increment operation. Models with 9x12 and 14x18 head holders are also available.

*Torque Units: Nm; Lb. In; Lb. Ft

*Large LCD display

*Desired torque is easily set using two keys.

*When applied torque is near target torque, yellow LED lights up. When torque is within 2% of target, red LCD blinks and the buzzer beeps. At the target torque the red LED lights up and the buzzer sounds continuously.

*Display retains maximum torque reached until reset

*Deviation from set torque is automatically calculated and displayed together with appropriate color LCD.

*Accuracy: +/-2% CW of Readings from 20% to 100% of Full Scale, +/-3% CCW of Readings from 20% to 100% of Full Scale.

*Runs for up to 40 hours on 2 standard AA batteries.

PartCode Drive Torque Range

E1150 Dr1/4" 15-150Lb. In 1.7-17N. M
E2300 Dr3/8" 30-300Lb. In 3.4-34N. M
E2100 Dr3/8" 10-100Lb. In 13.5-135N. M
E3250 Dr1/2" 25-250N. M 34-340Lb. Ft

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