Micrometer Torque Wrench or Ratchet Wrench

Product ID: GM

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*There are no dials to watch: Wrench clicks and momentarily release when set torque is reached, resulting in fast and efficient operation.

*The 45-tooth reversible ratchet head results in both clockwise and counter clockwise, fine increment operation.

*+/-4% accuracy in clockwise direction exceeds specifications.

*All-steel grip construction for superb durability and resistance to petroleum products.

*Unique, stay-in-place, Lock Ring makes adjustments easier and secures selected torque from accidental change.

*Precision, micrometer style Metric scale and reference English scale.

*The trigger mechanism is mounted on ball bearings resulting in more accurate and consistent release.

PartCode Drive Torque Range

GM112 Dr1/4" 2.5-12N. M 20-100Lb. In
GM120 Dr1/4" 4.0-20N. M 30-180Lb. In
GM230 Dr3/8" 4.5-30N. M 50-250Lb. In
GM260 Dr3/8" 10-60N. M 9-45Lb. Ft
GM2125 Dr3/8" 25-125N. M 20-90Lb. Ft
GM3200 Dr1/2" 40-200N. M 30-150Lb. Ft
GM3335 Dr1/2" 65-335N. M 50-250Lb. Ft
GM4500 Dr3/4" 100-500N. M 80-400Lb. Ft
GM4800 Dr3/4" 160-800N. M 120-600Lb. Ft
GM41000 Dr3/4" 200-1000N. M 150-750Lb. Ft

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