PPR Pipe Fittings

Product ID: UN-1002

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PPR pipe, also called random copoplymerized polypropylene (type III) pipe, is a new generation of environment-friendly construction material developed in the 1990s. Besides plastic tubes' merits such as lightness, corrosion resistance, anti-deposition and long service. PP-R pipe also enjoy some other advantages, such as hygienicness, heat-resistance and longer service life. Meanwhile, it's coefficient of heat conductivity is quite low and it's good at heat preservation and energy conservation. Because of the technique of thermosol binding, it's convenient to be installed and reliable in joints. Also, the material can be recycled. Therefore, it's worthy of the name environment-friendly construction materials. Compared with aluminum multi-layertubes. PP-R pipe can be made into tube products with larger calibers, with the largest reaching more than 160mm in caliber. ASB PP-R pipe and pipe fittings are widely used in such areas as delivery of drinking water, production and delivery system of purified water and drinks, transportation of chemical fluids, heating pipes, circulation system of hot water, pipes in agriculture, planting in gardens and parks and ranches etc