UJ Series Spring Cage Clamping Terminal Blocks

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UJ series spring cage clamp terminal blocks is patent products, passed type-test items by National Inspection Center for Electric Control and Connector Institute of Aerospace Industry Head Office, and achieved model certificate issued by Tianjin Design & Research Institute of Electric Drive, the No. is F0172#. UJ series products can be operated by a suitable screwdriver, quick and simple connection. Plug screwdriver into operation hole till to current bar, then insert conductor to connection hole, then draw out screwdriver, thus spring clamping structure can conenction conductor reliable. UJ series blocks are broadly used in aviation, energy sources, electrical, railway, telecommunication, machine tool and equipments and so on fields to connction conductors, and enjoyed by users.
  • UJ 1-2.5/4/6/RD
  • UJ2-1.5/2.5/4
  • UJ3-2.5/4/6
  • UJ4-
  • UJ5

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