excellent insulation

excellent insulation

heat resistant board

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Natural, harmless, environmental, high-organic innovatory materials----excellent vermiculite board building materials, and heat insulating materials for industry.
  • Characteristics
    • 1)fireproof, heat insulation, sound insulation, moisture absorbing,
  • 2)insecticide tolerance, weatherability, high tension stress, good quality of lightweight, fine electrical insulation,
  • 3)smoke free and toxic free under high temperatures.
    • widely use
      • widely used in various fields such as pellet stoves;fireplace;partition panel; fire proofing doors; wall claddings; ceiling; furniture; platforms for marine and vessels.
    • Product name
      • 1)fireproof cladding board,
    • 2)heat-insulating cladding board,
    • 3)fireproof and heat-insulating core board,
    • 4)fireproof and sound-insulating board,
    • 5)moisture-adjusted board,
    • 6)fire insulating board,
  • Technical specification
    • Process range:
  • Process temperature: >1100degrees centigrade
  • Bending strength: 0.574 – 5.33MPa
  • Density: 200kg/M3 - 1100kg/M3
  • Compression strength: 0.690~4.90MPa
  • Thermal conductivity: Max. 0.20W/mK at 600 degrees centigrade Max.0.128W/mK at 34.51 degrees centigrade
  • The minimum thickness: 3mm
  • The maximum thickness: 80mm
  • The maximum width: 1220mm
  • The maximum length: 2440mm
  • ISO9001:2000

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