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Unbalance vibratory motor with special tough design is used as drive for the vibrating machines. The applications are feeding, screening, discharging etc. The vibration motors are available in 2800, 1440, 960 and 750 RPM. The special features includes sturdy frame with stiffing ribs, Body fabricated with high grade ductile iron, Extra large dia. Of shaft to resist bending under high centrifugal force, Fitted with heavy duty cylindrical roller bearings, specially varnished winding with terminal box to withstand tough operating conditions, Specially designed electrical parameters for cool operation conditions. Vibration motors are available from 0.25 HP to 7.5 HP in foot mounted design or flange mounted type. Vibration motors are widely used in process plants, Glass, Food, Metal, Coal power plant, Chemical, Ceramic, Foundries, Packaging Industries etc.

Unbalance motors are a synchronous AC Motors with pairs of centrifugal weights fitted to the ends of the motor shafts. The size of the unbalance and with it the amplitude of the oscillation by the working unit can be adjusted by shifting the centrifugal weights when the motor is at a standstill. The unbalance motors are also available in a special version for mains voltages up to 440V and for a mains frequency ranging from 50 Hz to 60 Hz.

Centrifugal force range of the type series: 0-9000Kgs/Meter

Operating Voltages: Standard version 380/440 V, 50/60 Hz, others on request.

Ambient temperature:- 25 C to + 0 C, different temperature ranges on request.

Insulation Class:F

Operation: Continuous service at the maximum indicated centrifugal force and electric power rating.

Fixing: The Electring Vibrators can be fixed in all positions with no limitations.

Terminal Box: Sized to make the electrical connections easier.

Bearings Shaft: The Lower and upper bearings have been designed to support the relative load.

Drive Shaft:Oversized, made of treated steel and able to withstand high stress.

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