Matcha Green Tea- Ceremony Grade

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This Matcha is grown in the Wuyuan Prefecture of China. The Wuyuan Prefecture of China has been producing the finest green tea for over 1200 years. It is one the major green tea production area in China and now along with neighboring Xiuling and Kaihua counties has been seen as core area of Chinese Golden Triangle of Green Tea by both domestic and oversea tea experts.
The mild climate of Wuyuan Prefecture is excellent for the cultivation of the tea plant know as camellia sinensis. It has rich mineral soil, plenty of sunshine and the perfect amount of rainfall for tea cultivation.
Matcha is a super fine green tea powder,famous for its use in Japanese and Buddhist tea ceremonies. Now,it is one of the most popular and quality healthy teas in the world.
Our organic ceremony grade matcha tea is made from organic tea leaves of shade grown tea trees by sophisticated machines. It is made by forcefully grinding the fresh tea leaves,under low temperature,to superfine powder which not only preserves the original nutritional ingredients,flavor and aroma,but also is easy for the nutrition to be absorbed by human body.
Matcha is becoming increasingly popular in the international beverage and food market because of its versatility and health benefits. Matcha's flavour blends well in dairy-based recipes and its powder form makes it easy to work with. Matcha is being used in ice cream, cheese cakes, cream cheese spreads, white chocolate, latte beverages, hot chocolate etc. There is no limit to the recipes that matcha can be added to.

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