UV coating machine

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1. Stable and reliable sheet feeding by using automatic high speed sheet feeding machine.
2. Reasonable combination of well designed front guide, pulling guide and swing down sheet transfer mechanism.
3. Swing down sheet transfer mechanism can shake off the dust on the surface of printed paper to keep the coating surface bright and smooth.
4. Swing control of sheet transfer with conjugate cam reduces vibration noise.
5. Special press cylinder reduces press and orange peel problem caused be surface tension of coating oil and improves brightness of printed paper.
6. Reticulate pattern roller oil feeding ensures oil coating uniformly distributed.
7. Low noise guide rail for sheet collection.
8. High efficiency UV drying system ensures complete drying with energy saving dim-out setting.
9. Cylinder gears are made of high strength alloy with reasonable structure and high precision.
10. Steady frame and base ensure long time running without vibration.
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